Grande Reserva - Portugal

Grande Reserva - Portugal

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Medium Intensity

Crush Date: November 2023           



The Portuguese Grande Reserva is comprised of Galega, Cobrançosa and Picual. The complexity of this fragrant evoo is exemplified by cut grass on the nose from Galega, tomato and stone fruit notes from Picual and a pronounced savory and floral flavor that lingers from the Cobrançosa (rose petal). The finish is peppery. This cuvee took an award in another competition! Galega and Cobrançosa are uncommon traditional Portuguese varieties. 


      *Biophenols: 382.40 ppm            FFA:  0.23    

      Oleic Acid: 72.4                           Peroxide: 4.2

      *DAGs: 90.00                             


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